CycleDireHighway – CS3: TfL get it wrong again

Since January, I’ve commuted, in part, down Cycle Superhighway 3.  I have been meaning to write for ages about some of the spectacularly dangerous and inept junction designs on the route.  But before I’ve even had time, TfL have done something so colossally stupid, I have to cover it first.


They’ve only gone and blocked it completely.

Now, I know there are fairly limited (but not unwelcome) improvements planned to CS3 (I don’t know if this is related to that, and when I tweeted TfL asking what they were up to, I didn’t get an answer.  Clearly something significant is happening, and the scale of the work means the cycle track has had to change.


In the process however, TfL have taken the only safe, segregated route out of the centre of London to the east, and closed it.  And provided:


There’s a cyclists dismount sign too, out of shot.

The bizarre thing – the thing that shows TfL, or at least large parts of it, still don’t get cycling, or don’t consider it as a worthwhile mode of transport, is that they’ve kept the road open next to it.  It’s a vile little rat-run full of commercial vehicles.


Yesterday, but I’m making a collection of all the through traffic rat-running down Cable Street if anyone wants it.

Let’s recap.  TfL have blocked the only safe east-west route in Tower Hamlets, when they could have closed the road and let cyclists still have a safe route – and instead, they’ve left open a rat-run to drivers instead.

There’s no warning further up the route – even if there were an alternative.  So what do you think every single person on a bike did?

CIMG9998 CIMG9997

CIMG9995  CIMG9993 CIMG9992

TfL – making CS3 less safe, and less pleasant, for everyone.

But don’t fear – there’s still space right next to where all the other pictures were taken for pavement parking.

CIMG9996As ever, I’m trying to be balanced.  TfL are doing some great stuff on CS2, that I blogged about today.  But this is so spectacularly clueless, I still wonder what’s going on inside the organisation.  Sort it out – the works are due to last until November.


2 thoughts on “CycleDireHighway – CS3: TfL get it wrong again

  1. CS3 is segregated, and occasionally comfortable, but I think calling it ‘safe’ would be a stretch. Going westbound I was right turned over at the junction of Cable and Watney streets, when I called TH council for the CCTV they replied “Happens all the time, we know about it, TfL knows about it”…


  2. I think this could be relating to the scheme (hopefully link entered above is visible, if not search for ‘TfL Cable Street consultation’.

    Most of the changes seem reasonable and thankfully TfL are ignoring the vehicular cycling lunatics who want to remove the segregated cycle lane altogether.

    Many changes seem geared to pedestrians but with changed priorities at a couple of junctions to give straight on cyclists right of way ahead of turning traffic (which is the case on some but not all the junctions on this stretch of CS3).

    There have been several unacceptable closures to CS3 over the years. It seems that they can’t get it into their heads that whilst it may sometimes be necessary to work on the track itself, there is usually an alternative available that wouldn’t require cyclists to dismount (eg by making the nearby footpath temporarily shared use or restricting motor traffic to access only enabling cyclists to ride on the carriageway more comfortably / safely).

    You are right to point out that TfL could do much more to keep routes open or provide sensible diversions. Wouldn’t do any harm to stick some posters up explaining the scheme too!


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