A question for National Express on the safety of people on bikes

At the TfL board meeting on 7th February 2015, your chair, Sir John Armitt, said: “I would say the biggest danger to cyclists on the roads in London are actually themselves.”

This is directly contradicted by the research. For example, this paper from the Transport Research Laboratory, shows that over 60% of collisions are caused by drivers not looking properly.

This article in The Times reports on a study by Westminster Council which says that only 20% of collisions are caused by cyclists.

As someone who cycles daily along roads used by National Express coaches, I found your chair’s disregard for the evidence (or ignorance of it) alarming. It suggests to me that National Express’s culture does not prioritise the safety of vulnerable road users sufficiently. Naturally, I avoid spending money with a company which endangers me and others.

I tweeted National Express at the time, to say that I was not prepared to travel with the company until the chair had apologised for, and retracted his statement. I did not receive a response.

I have to make a journey next week which, for the last six years, I have always taken by coach. I wanted to check whether the chair has apologised for and retracted his comments, and what he has committed the company to do to promote the safety of people on bikes. If you are unable to confirm the former and inform me about the latter, I look forward to taking the train instead.

Many thanks,


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